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Trolley Ovens
Box type electrostatic powder coating ovens are semi-automatic ovens controlled by the automation panel on the conveyor. It consists of three stations serving the loading, cooking and unloading stages. Painted materials loaded in the first station are transported into the furnace in the second stage. After the cooking process, the furnace is emptied by cooling. Since the loading station, which is completely emptied during the cooling process, is ready for the second batch of material, the system allows mass production without hesitation. The cabin interior consists of sandwich powder paint oven panels that are interlocked with high temperature resistant silicone. Electrostatic powder coating baking temperature and curing time can be adjusted manually with a digital thermostat. The air distribution channels located at the bottom of the oven are centrally located.
It is possible to supply our box type furnaces in standard sizes or to project them in dimensions specially sized for production.
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