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Fully Automatic
Conveyor Tunnel Ovens
Our automatic tunnel type electrostatic powder coating ovens are specially designed for the painting needs of the facility for production facilities with an uninterrupted belt flow system. In our systems where air curtains are used instead of doors, cold air is blown from the curtains by means of aspirators, preventing the hot air from coming out. The temperature inside the oven is always 180-200°C. In tunnel kilns, the conveyor is in constant motion. While the material is passing through the spray line, washing (cleaning) and phosphate coating processes are carried out with chemicals sprayed on the material with spray nozzles, then it is passed through the drying oven and directed to the baking oven after the powder painting process.
The materials, whose cooking and curing periods are completed, are removed from the oven conveyor at the unloading station. Conveyor speed is adjusted according to the wall thickness and length of the material to be painted.
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